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Eric and Steven Lindsfors ready for blast off!

Eric and Steven Lindfors ready for blast off!

To road warriors, this phrase may sound all too familiar. For us “old timers,” it’s kids looking up from comic books wondering, without asking directly, “how much longer before we stop for dinner?”

In our first installment of the Forever Friends travel blog, we’ll be following Steve Lindfors and his family on a road trip from New York to Colorado—and other western States. Actually, this is new experience for all of us. They’ve never blogged. And Discoverette has never blogged. Thank goodness we’ve all done a fair amount of traveling, however, so we’re down with that. This is going to be fun!!

Discoverette’s first assignment is to document, without prying, the travels of a “typical” all-American family taking an untypical nowadays road trip. In this case, a driving vacation across the United States. Four people in a car for four weeks. From beginning to end, we’ll check in with Steve and his clan—to get timely glimpses of the triumphs and travails that befall our journeyers as they check in and of motels, indulge “foreign foods,” battle traffic, take detours, make friends, visit family and take in America’s amazing sights along the way.

Bear with us all as we get our “GPS on,” so to speak. Oh wait. I think the the first contact has been made with the sojourners. It has. They’re in the driveway ready to roll, hoping to make it to South Dakota by nightfall? Is this possible? I guess so when you ‘pick up” hours by traveling West. “Hey Mom, are we there yet???”


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