Forever Houseboats— Water Safety

Your Forever Houseboat comes equipped with several automatic safety systems and an impressive list of safety equipment to keep use while out on your vacation or day-boat outing.
The fully automatic on-board safety systems include carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, the bilge fire suppression system, and the gas fume/vapor detectors. In fact, Forever Houseboats come equipped with:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Marine Band Radio
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) (some boats)
  • Throw Rings and Orange
    SOS Flag
  • First Aid Kit
  • 12v Electric Bilge Pumps
  • Gasoline Fume Detector
  • Stakes & ropes (appropriate to your houseboat type)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide
    (CO) Detectors in all rooms
  • Marine Band Radio
  • Engine Compartment Fire
    Suppression System (automatic)

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Safety, Comfort and Fun on the Water!
Let's give credit to Commodore Wilbert E. Longfellow for launching an awareness of water safety in 1900 that has endured and expanded over the last 110 years. A pioneer in the field, Longfellow spent a lifetime dedicated to public awareness of water safety, water rescue, and revival techniques and programs. He was instrumental in attracting the American Red Cross to his programs and in 1914 they adopted training and instruction protocols that would take anchor across the nation. The Commodore is widely considered responsible for cutting the nation's drowning rate in half during the 46 years he spent traveling the country with an aim of "waterproofing America."

The water sports safety arena has grown dramatically since the mid-40's. The overall increase in the country's population plus the expansion of home swimming pools and recreational boating has strengthened. The need for water-safety awareness, education, training and legislation has been amplified as a result.

As you would expect, Forever Resorts is at the forefront of initiating and practicing overall safety measures while educating renters about the key aspects of safety and personal responsibility while renting boats. Since most drowning of people 15 years of age or older happens in natural water settings, it's critical for boating vacationers, seasoned or otherwise, to have a good understanding of water safety rules and regulations before they launch.

To that end, Bruce Rowe, Director of Marine Services at Forever Resorts, and Fred Messmann, Deputy Director of the National Safe Boating Council, set out to, literally, "write the book" on rental-boat safety. The web site created (with the same name— is both informative and instructional. It's easy to digest and covers the gamut of recreational boat-rental types. It features 5 videos and accompanying downloadable check sheets for each of 5 boat types. What becomes obvious is that safety on the water is up to the individual(s). It is up to boaters to be prepared and know the rules—to take responsibility for their own well being. And, the Coast Guard is tasked to enforce the rules. We wouldn't think of letting teens or adults drive a car without training and testing, or while under the influence. Why would boats differ? In fact, they don't.

Several governmental agencies and not-for-profits make it their business to legislate, regulate, and promote boating safety. Of note, the National Water Safety Congress (NWSC), the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC), Safe A Float, Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) and US Coast Guard's Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety make it their business to train, legislate and advocate for water-related safety. Schools, clubs and organizations have made it their business to, first, teach kids, teens and adults how to swim. Naturally, this is safety precaution number one before engaging in water sports at home or recreationally.

National Water Safety Congress created a video series called "Cold Water Boot Camp" that outlines the "Three R's" of cold-water safety: Rescue, Recover, Re warm. The Safe Boating Council, in its "Wear It" video, creates a compelling case for wearing inflatable life jackets at all times while on the water. Today's comfortable and durable life jackets make it easy to comply with this MUST DO safety regulation.

In fact, most boating accidents, injuries and deaths are the result of either NEGLIGENCE or NOT WEARING A LIFE JACKET. Negligence has many faces: not following navigational rules and regulations (like boating at night, creating dangerous waves, driving recklessly, etc.); adults not paying attention to children and teens while they're on the boat and in the water (socializing, playing cards, reading, etc.). Swimmers of all ages must be watched at all times while in the water. Not surprisingly, the use of alcohol and drugs while engaged in water sports and boating is a prominent negligence factor; alcohol is implicated in over 35% of adolescent and adult accidents on the water.

As many of you know, Forever Resorts is all about water. Whether it's renting a luxury houseboat at one of our many marinas, taking a spin around the lake on a pontoon boat or PWC, or engaging in white water or scenic raft trips, Forever Resorts has its priorities. SAFETY is first, COMFORT is second and HAVING FUN is third. Forever Resorts will not let a houseboat out on the lake without engaging an extensive overview of the boat, its handling and "what to do in the case of an emergency" with everyone onboard. The checklists available at are also distributed at all Forever Resorts marina when guests rent a houseboat and/or day-boat. The information is reviewed thoroughly before you are allowed to hit the lake. Additionally, Forever Resorts works tirelessly to support and enforce Coast Guard regulations pertaining to safety. It is our goal to make sure you have a fun, safe outing so you'll want to come visit us again!

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Q: Currently, four major companies manufacture and sell Personal Water Craft (PWCs) in the United States. What company is credited for introducing the first sit-down style PWC in the late 1960's?


Answer to November's quiz:
The State of California requires anglers to have a fishing license in order to engage the sport. Those who go fishing several times a month or year, will more than likely buy an annual license. However, those going out for shorter periods can get day, two-day or 10-day licenses. In California the "occasional fishermen" 16 years of age or older can buy a "two consecutive day" fishing license for less than: a. $30 b. $20 c. $15 d. $12.
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